Open Mics

Slow Down - WestyThese have been such a great way of building confidence, that I would recommend open mics to anyone wanting to get into performing their own material. I’ve been very fortunate to have the support of Andrew organising a great many of these.

Just lately these have been once a week at least, having at least a half-hour slot (and sometimes a whole hour) at the Dandy Lion in Heckmondwike. It’s got a great atmosphere there, and the audience are pretty polite most of the time, and will listen, and not just talk or shout over you (not that playing over a loud chatty audience isn’t a good learning experience in itself!).

The news this week is that the Dandy Lion Acoustic Sessions are maybe coming to a close, and that would be a shame. I’ve been looking forward to Monday nights. That’s been quite a change from the pre-stage nerves I used to get, not so long ago.

There’s still a once-a-month session at the Cross Keys in Liversedge to look forward to. But it looks like I need to go and seek out a few more to attend…

I’ll keep you posted.