2017… A look back

Well… Things didn’t quite go according to plan in 2017. Losing my Mum in May was indeed a big blow. It’s one of those moments in life that really made me stop and take stock of things. A lot of my momentum since 2016 had been motivated by Mum, wanting to assist with her care, and wanting her to have the best she could have out of the rest of her time on this planet. Little did I know how short that time would be.

My progression with my tracks with Matthew at 360, and other aspects of my life and business stood still for a while. Consequently, my hopes to release some of the songs in the studio have not yet got there. I am hopeful for 2018 though. I’m continuing to work with Andrew now he has set up his own company AB Music, and I’m close now to having a complete set to play live.

Now the REAL work begins…