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With the Sky



Is the name for a collection of songs and music created by
English songwriter and musician
Craig Westwood.

 Currently producing songs in the studio, towards an album. 
You can hear and read about it’s progress here…

Craig Westwood

A songwriter for 30+ years, Craig amassed a catalogue of songs and instrumentals, content to be a ‘hobbyist’, and recording and playing them only for close friends and family. Too many times they were saying to him: “These songs are good… Do something with them!” So, in February 2016, he decided to finally send them out to people in the industry and seek their opinion. 

Since then, Craig has been building his recording and mixing skills, live repertoire and completing a number of tracks in the studio, some are already released… 

Watch this space for more…!


In progress – here’s a few demos of what’s out, and what’s coming…

“Many thanks to the photographers that have such a good eye, that you even make an ugly duck like me look good. You are true magicians.”

Craig x

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