Progress at Last

I finally am beginning to make progress with the album, after a long stall.

Basically, and I guess because my contract with 360 Artist Development had come to an end, and he’d lost interest in progressing my tracks, I wasn’t getting anywhere fast with Matthew and was waiting for months to get studio time to mix the tracks that I had.

In the end, I’ve come away with very little: five tracks, none that I’m completely happy with, and none of them ready to master (as was promised) in the contract. 

I arranged one final session in Matthew’s now finished full studio, originally to finalise the five tracks, but instead, I took along an SSD drive and just asked him to give me all of the stems from the Cubase files, and then after this the Cubase files themselves. So the rest of the two-hour session was Matthew exporting tracks for me to take away.

Many of these stems are painfully quiet, so I’m unsure how much of them I can use. I’m left with the decision to get hold of a copy of Cubase to re-export the tracks again. I’m happier though that the tracks are under my control, and I believe that I’ll make better progress with them than under the control of someone who didn’t really have my interests at heart.

As I write this, it’s 2 years since I began seeking help in developing my songs into product. And a frustrating road it has been.

I was due back in the studio yesterday with Andrew, which has been postponed, as his daughter is ill.