Cabaret Doonican – 2nd Outing

Thanks to Dave Wilde, of the band ‘Wilde Sammon’, and a good mate, he reminded me about Cabaret Doonican at the Old School House in Barnsley on Thursday, and, despite being full of hay fever at the moment (yuk), I decided I’d dose up on the antihistamines and go on over.

When I arrived, I saw a rather worried Scott Doonican, who told me that despite getting a huge number of acts on my last visit two months ago, for last month’s open mic, the one I couldn’t attend due to a chest infection, only one act turned up. This catastrophic lack of support almost cancelled the show for good, and Scott was under threat that if the show didn’t attract enough performers and punters this week, it’d be the last.

Fortunately I was one of five acts that put on a show, including two bands, Wilde Sammon, and Indecision, and that was enough to let this great little venue keep running live music.

Scott has videoed ‘Ebbs and Flows’ from my set, and some from the other guys too. Link here to Cabaret Doonican’s Facebook page

and my video here

Any one in the area thinking of playing at an open mic, or just like watching live music, try out Cabaret Doonican… It’s a great setup, with it’s own stage, lighting, and where performers aren’t talked-over during the set (one of my pet hates). And a great Team with Marcus on sound, Scott as Host, and Amanda, who takes a lot of photos on the night. Huge gratitude to the work they put in behind the scenes, making us look and sound good.

Cabaret Doonican is stopping for the Summer break, and resumes first Thursday in September.

Scott’s other event: ‘Electric Cabaret’ is on a Thursday towards the end of the month. I’m booked in to do a set on 30th August (re-scheduled from July because of the World Cup footy). Same Venue.