Last rehearsal

Last rehearsal with Andrew was on Wednesday before my first open mic at The Hop next Monday. This went pretty well I thought, only a couple of slips. One particularly with the mid-section of (Don’t Hurry) Slow Down, where I simply can’t see the fret board while singing, to get the upper bar chords right.  I guess I’ll have to modify my singing over that part for now, until it becomes more “muscle-memory”.

Anyway, the nerves, I admit, are setting in a bit now. I’ve been rehearsing at home and do about an hour each day since Wednesday, but the rehearsals have not been going so well. That is, until I decided to raise the guitar up slightly, so it’s sitting higher and more comfortably placed, especially for those bar chords on Slow Down.

In the meantime, I’ve been doing some research on stage nerves online, and found a brilliant set of quick tips from singer and voice coach, Adrienne Osborn. These have helped me put a few of the old gremlins aside. Let’s see if they will do the trick on Monday.