Second Singing Lesson

Firstly, I made sure I’d remembered as much as possible before going across to Leeds. I went through my notes again fully, and had a little practice of the exercises that Matthew had covered with me a few weeks before. I have been practicing Ng warm ups and stretching exercises anyway prior to singing, and ended up doing these driving across there in the car.

Again I think this has been an enlightening session. We went through an exercise where I was asked to sing a minor or major third above the note played. Last session I couldn’t manage it, this time, though hesitant, I nailed every one. However my long held note, last time was 28 seconds, fell to a rather short 19 this time. I am suffering from hayfever right now, perhaps that is a factor.

We also talked about rehearsal for my open mic night coming up soon, and Matthew has given me a few techniques to help me remember my lyrics in particular. He’s also given me a song to learn for next time… not a song I particularly feel comfortable with, but it’s within my range: Elvis Presley’s Can’t Help Falling in Love. Maybe as it’s not a Presley song I like very much, a little too ‘old-time’ for me, but I’ll have a go at it and see what I can do with it. The idea is to put across the meaning of the words within the song. At my first shot at it, I really tried to sing it like Presley, American accent and all. So, the idea now is that I go away and personalise it…