Here We Go…!

Well, it’s my first entry on this new website.

I’m going to try and document the whole process, as I think it’s a way of showing others what I’ve done to try and get my music played to a wider audience. I hope in starting this it might inspire others to give it a try too. You’re never too old if you have the enthusiasm!

I’ve been a guitarist and songwriter, and composer/music-maker for about 30 years. To date, it always remained my hobby, and something I never ever really took seriously enough. Often I’d play a track or two to friends and they’d say: “You really should do something with these songs…” and I’d always respond by saying: “Yea, maybe, one day.”

I’m now the wrong side of 50 years old, and it really should have been something that I did sooner.

So – armed with some worldly wisdom (!) but with a complete lack of knowledge of the modern music industry, I’m setting out to try and get an album produced, and sell it to the public…

Here’s my story.