So… finally, they’re out there!

At least three songs released so far:

Only the Good Ones Go First, made sense to me to release it first, despite my initial reservations. Although the root of the song is about loss, it’s bouncy and it’s positive, and it sends a message that – more than anything – the people close to you are the most important. Click the image to view.

Watching the Rain, is a moodier song. It’s about many things: about living in your head; about the struggle to communicate outside of that; about losing someone because of the breakdown of communication and being able to explain your actions. Select the image if you haven’t seen it yet.

On the Rise, is getting more positive. It’s typical me I suppose, always there’s an aside questioning the good stuff, always; but it’s also projecting the positive above the negative. On the Rise is literally about manifesting a good future in your mind, and if there only was a bit more ‘light’ in everybody, then things would be better…. wouldn’t they? Click the image to see and hear it.

It’s been a lot of work: the videos, the graphics, the ads, contacting playlist curators, radio, media… some bits worked, some didn’t… I had the intention of getting one song released per month. This was too much. I still have a day job as such, so I’ve settled at aiming for one song every two months. If I can get the marketing periphery more streamlined, then I’ll get them out quicker.

I’m surprised as to the response – all of it is positive – and in the most unusual places. Brazil likes it a lot (way to go, Brazil!); then the UK, then France, U.S. and then… Israel, are the top 5 countries. Quite an unusual spread. The numbers are growing track by track – that’s positive I think – and I assume this trend is continuing upward as people get to know who I am, and my music. Huge gratitude to each and every one of you who have played my songs and especially those who have liked them, shared them, and saved them to your playlists.

There’s more to come.

Craig x