It’s been a while since I posted, and I have no real excuse… Folks that have been following on Instagram have been getting the most spoils, and there’s a column feature from my instagram feed on the right of the blog page (or scroll down if you’re looking at this on a mobile phone).

Basically, I decided I wanted to try and master one platform at a time, and specifically Instagram, though I’m beginning to conclude that social media probably is better tackled en-masse with more automated tools. I didn’t want to succumb to the ‘bots’ just yet, and wanted to try and engage with my audience, which with IG has been quite successful, I think.

Anyway, with my upper arm injury taking a while to heal properly, I’ve had to kerb the gigging for a while and it felt better therefore to concentrate on recording songs. This is something I can do in short bursts, and I can rest the arm if it’s beginning to cause problems.

Just this last week or so I have been recording a new song, called Whispers of Home. It’s a bit of a homecoming song, with my guitar tuned to a weird drop C ‘Joni-style’ with some lovely ‘sus’ chords I haven’t the brain to figure out yet (!!). I’ve enlisted the services of Emily Dolan Davies again, who’s come back to me with a really superb set of drum stems…. 46 in all… including layers of percussion with every shaker she could find, tambourines, and some over-dubbed brush snare parts too! Fantastic work, and I can’t wait to get this one out there. I’m still looking for a bass player for this, and will keep you posted on when this happens.

Toodle-pip. Stay creative, folks!