**Craig Westwood Takes Flight with his Captivating Single ‘With the Sky’**

Musician and hot air balloon pilot, Craig Westwood is set to enchant audiences with his latest single, ‘With the Sky.’ Released on 8th March, this mesmerising track showcases Craig’s musical talent and his unique perspective as a pilot navigating the open air.

Craig’s artistic journey has been a multifaceted tale, weaving through various creative endeavors, from early days as a music-hobbyist to his triumph in Vero’s ‘Great Guitar Contest,’ in 2019, where Craig’s exceptional guitar skills earned him a signed Taylor 717 Builder’s Edition guitar, marking a significant milestone in his musical journey.

Beyond his musical pursuits, Craig finds inspiration in the serene and boundless world of hot air ballooning. Since 2011 when he became a pilot, he has soared the skies, captivated by the freedom and tranquility that come with floating through the air. This dual passion for music and ballooning converges in his upcoming single.

‘With the Sky’ is more than just a song; it is a celebration of flight, a melodic exploration of the exhilaration that comes from being airborne. Craig’s deep connection to the skies and the unique perspective it brings enriches the fabric of his music, infusing it with a sense of wonder and freedom that resonates with listeners.

“I wanted to give back something to ballooning. We haven’t had a song about ballooning since Fifth Dimension’s ‘Up, Up and Away’ in the 1960s. I wanted to give a modern perspective on it. Most of the time balloonists spend waiting in a field till the weather conditions are right to fly. I wanted to convey the hope, as well as the feeling when it actually happens – and how amazing it is when it does!”

As ‘With the Sky’ prepares to take flight, Craig invites the audience to join him on a musical and aerial journey, where the boundaries between the terrestrial and the celestial blur harmoniously. This captivating single is sure to leave listeners enchanted.

‘With the Sky’ is self-recorded and produced. The guitars and keyboards for the single were recorded in Craig’s home studio in Yorkshire, and the song features Emily Dolan Davies, who recently toured with Kim Wilde, and who plays frequently on Craig’s songs.

‘With the Sky’ is available from March 8th on all streaming platforms. 

Craig is currently promoting the single online and is available for interviews and features. For more information, please visit for all useful links.



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